Positive Dog Training!

Meet Our Team

Nicole Corson

Nicole Corson, CTC, CPDT-KA, CAP1, is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and has a Certificate in Training and Counseling from the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers.

Nicole has been working with dogs professionally since 2002 and has worked with hundreds of dogs. She started her career as a volunteer at the San Francisco SPCA and experienced first hand the amazing results of positive reinforcement dog training with all of the shelter dogs residing at the SF/SPCA. In Massachusetts, she was a volunteer for the Centerville MSPCA where she worked with the shelter staff on evaluating the dogs and recommending training and behavior modification when needed. Nicole opened her own training center in 2005 on Cape Cod and was highly recommended Cape-wide by veterinarians for training, behavior modification, and nutrition counseling.

Nikki Roberts

Nikki Roberts, CAP1,  comes to Calling All Dogs with over ten years experience helping dogs and their families across the Wasatch Front. She is a member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America and is actively involved in BMD Rescue. Her favorite activity with her Berners is Drafting (carting), and she has competed and volunteered at various draft tests throughout the country. Nikki has also participated in Rally Obedience, Freestyle, Agility, and Conformation. Nikki teaches anything from our puppy to advanced classes as well as our Rally class. 


Jamie Flanders

Jamie Flanders, CDBC, ABCDT, AKC-CGCE, CAP1, CVT, has over 10 years of experience working with dogs both as a former vet tech and as a dog trainer.  She is a certified dog behavior consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is passionate about using positive, force free, and clicker training methods.  Jamie is continually expanding her knowledge base and keeping up on the most current and innovative positive training methods.  Jamie teaches anything from puppy classes to advanced as well as our reactive dog and Triebball classes. 


Katie Robertson

Katie Robertson, CAP1, ATDI, AKC-CGC started positive reinforcement training in 2009 and was hooked on how using Positive Reinforcement teaches dogs to think and offer behaviors. Since then she has helped many dogs in the Salt Lake City area learn how to be good family members. She has taken many of the classes at Calling All Dogs, attended Clicker-Expo and continues to study the methods of positive trainers around the world. Katie teaches many classes including puppy and adult dog, advanced classes, as well as our Confident Canine and Agility For Fun class. 

Bianca Radojevic

Bianca began working at Calling All Dogs in 2013. Although owning dogs all her life, she was exposed to more in-depth animal learning and behavior in Honolulu, 2007. She worked for the Hawaiian Humane Society where she was able assess dog's temperaments and use positive reinforcement training to increase adopt-ability for the shelter animals. While in Hawaii, she had the opportunity to take an animal learning class at the University of Hawaii-Manoa. She intends to further her education through the Cambridge Ethology Institute.


Brooke Peciukas

Brooke came to Calling All Dogs with her rescue puppy Koda. She took all three levels of puppy classes and loved it so much that she asked if we were hiring. Since then she has completely switched careers. Brooke has been assisting in classes since 2010, co-teaching and teaching since 2014, as well as running our Puppy Camp. She has taken CAP1, CAP2 and is currently working on gradating from The Academy for Dog Trainers. Brooke teaches our puppy classes, Basic Manners and Nose work classes. 

Kurtis Steger

Kurtis began working with resuce dogs in 2006 using all positive reinforcement methods. He spent 3 years preparing rescued racing greyhounds for adoption into their forever homes.  Upon moving to Utah from Hawaii he searched out Calling All Dogs for their positive reinforcement training curriculum, and has been working with us since early 2015. 

Kelsey Gallegos

Kelsey Gallegos began her work with animals six years ago as a volunteer at the Humane Society of Utah. Kelsey is passionate in the work she does at the shelter helping dogs find their forever homes. 

Kelsey came to Calling All Dogs after rescuing her to puppies Lady, and Honey. Kelsey took several classes with both of them, and has become a big advocate of positive reinforcement training after all the success she witnessed training her two girls. Thanks to Calling All Dogs and positive reinforcement training her girls have a love and willingness to work. 

Kelsey is currently a student at the University of Utah, and plans on furthering her education in animal behavior.

Pam Strickland

Pam Strickland has been training dogs and their owners along the Wasatch Front since 2004 and is excited to be a part of the Calling All Dogs team. She is an approved evaluator for the AKC for Canine Good Citizen and the S.T.A.R. Puppy program. Pam has worked with all different age ranges and breeds; in capacities such as puppy training, adult dog basic training, advanced obedience, tricks, Rally-O, therapy dog preparation, private training and more. She has trained for competition with her own dogs in Rally-O, Agility, Canine Freestyle, Flyball, and Dock Diving. She also spent several years visiting hospitals with her therapy dog Nick. Pam has volunteered for Pointer Rescue Org as an Incoming Dog Coordinator and foster home, and currently manages the Coonhound & Beagle Advocates of Utah page. She is also a very vocal supporter of Beagle Freedom Project. Pam also volunteers at a wildlife rescue in her spare time and enjoys the experience of animal husbandry. She is currently finishing her A.S. in Biology and starting her B.S. in Zoology.